About Us

The Run For Veterans is a registered non-profit organization. The mission of the organization is to promote positive mental, physical and social well-being for the United States Armed Forces Veterans and their families. We organize fundraising events to gather civilians and military personnel to support the veterans.

We are an organization that holds regular charitable events. In one of our charitable events, we met some soldiers who are long time supporters of our organization. We asked them if there was anything they want to help or raise awareness on. They told us that it was important to help the veterans. This then started our advocacy to do what we can to help our veterans. This was strongly supported by soldiers and the members of our organization. This is because it is time to pay back the veterans who have served our country, who offered their lives for us. This is how The Run For Veterans started.

After a long discussion about this project, we finally made our decision to continue to hold an event for them. With the collaboration of other organizations, we will continue our work for our men and women in service. We want to make it successful, in order to do that, we will ask for your support to come, join and run with us.

The goal of The Run For Veterans organization is to raise money to support the United States Armed Forces veterans, homeless veterans, disabled veterans, veterans who in need of medical attention and their families.

If you can’t run on that day, there are still other ways to support the event for our dear veterans.  You can donate and support us. We want to make this happen in honor of the selfless men and women who have served in the military for the country.